Tangie Live Rosin THCa by Sesh Exotics - 1 Gram

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What is Tangie Live Rosin by Sesh Exotics?

Firstly, Tangie Live Rosin by Sesh Exotics is a top-quality cannabis concentrate. It’s solventless, cold-cured, fresh-frozen, hash rosin. This concentrate is notable for its purity and potent effects, making it a favored choice among cannabis connoisseurs.

What Makes Tangie Live Rosin Unique?

Secondly, Tangie stands out as a unique variation of the cannabis strain. It’s a rework of Tangerine Dream, but with different genetics. Tangie is a cross between California Orange, an even sativa/indica hybrid, and a Skunk strain. Its lineage differs from Tangerine Dream, which combines A5 and G-13.

What Does Tangie Live Rosin Taste Like?

Furthermore, both Tangie and its ancestor share a strong, sweet flavor. They are reminiscent of tangerines and other citrus fruits, making the Tangie strain particularly appealing for its delicious taste.

What are the Effects of Tangie?

Moreover, Tangie is predominantly sativa, likely over 70% in its sativa to indica ratio. This results in an uplifting cerebral high. Users often experience enhanced creativity, euphoria, and a focused boost of happiness, making it suitable for various needs.

What is Tangie’s THC Level?

Maximum THC levels in Tangie exceed 22%, marking it as a potent choice. It’s particularly suitable for seasoned marijuana users. However, first-timers might find its potency overwhelming.

Where is Tangie Most Popular?

Finally, Tangie has found significant popularity in specific regions. It’s widely available in Colorado and Arizona, and it’s a favorite on the West Coast.

In summary, Tangie Live Rosin by Sesh Exotics stands out for its exquisite flavor, uplifting effects, and medical benefits. Whether used recreationally or for therapeutic purposes, its quality, taste, and potency make it a highly sought-after cannabis concentrate.

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