Strawberries and Cream THCa Flower - Hydroponic

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Strawberries and Cream THCa Flower – Hydroponic: A Tantalizing Sativa-Dominant Treat

What Sets Strawberries and Cream THCa Flower Apart?

Firstly, Strawberries and Cream THCa Flower, also known as “Strawberries N Cream,” is a sativa-dominant hybrid worth savoring. A cross between Strawberry Cough and The White strains, it presents a delightful 60% sativa and 40% indica blend. This strain captivates sativa enthusiasts with its exceptional taste and stunning appearance.

How Does Strawberries and Cream Taste and Smell?

Moreover, Strawberry and Cream tantalizes the senses with a delectable strawberry berry flavor. This sweetness is enriched by a creamy, occasionally spicy exhale. The aroma further entices, combining a sweet strawberry scent with earthy and spicy undertones, creating an irresistible olfactory experience.

What Effects Does Strawberries and Cream Offer?

Furthermore, the high from Strawberry and Cream is both uplifting and cerebral. It launches the mind into a state of energy and happiness, dispelling negative thoughts. Simultaneously, your body relaxes without becoming sedated, striking a perfect balance for daytime use.

Who Benefits Most from Strawberries N Cream?

Additionally, Strawberry N Cream is often the go-to choice for treating several conditions. With its high 15-23% THC and minimal CBD levels, it is popular for headaches, migraines, nausea, chronic fatigue, depression, and stress, showcasing its versatile therapeutic potential.

What is the Appearance of Strawberry N Cream Buds?

Last but not least, the physical appeal of Strawberry N Cream is noteworthy. Its dense, forest green, spade-shaped nugs, complete with dark orange hairs and a layer of milky white trichomes, are visually striking, adding to the allure of this flavorful strain.


In conclusion, Strawberry and Cream THCa Flower – Hydroponic stands out as a sativa lover’s dream. Its delicious flavor, uplifting effects, and stunning appearance make it a top choice at Sherlocks Glass & Dispensary for both enjoyment and relief.

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