Elbo Glass and F.E.L.T. - Stego Vinyl Figure


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Who is Elbo Glass?

Firstly, welcome to the imaginative world of Elbo Glass, a haven where creativity in glass art thrives. Elbo, the visionary behind these unique designs, has garnered worldwide admiration. Additionally, his collaborations at Everdream Studios in Colorado, alongside renowned artists like Eusheen and Joe Peters, have crafted a hub of artistic innovation.

The Elbo Glass Brand

Secondly, Elbo Glass, famous for its dinosaur-themed pipes, has captivated a global audience. Furthermore, these high-end artistic pieces embody Elbo’s commitment to merging aesthetic appeal with functionality. Moreover, the distinct style of Elbo Glass has propelled it to the forefront of the glass art community.

Collaboration with F.E.L.T.

Thirdly, the collaboration between Elbo Glass and F.E.L.T. (For Every Living Thing) marks a creative milestone. This partnership led to the creation of the Stego Vinyl Figure, blending Elbo’s iconic dinosaur design with F.E.L.T.’s artistic flair. Moreover, the figure, adorned with butterflies, symbolizes the fusion of these two creative realms.

The Essence of the Stego Vinyl Figure

Additionally, the Stego Vinyl Figure is not just any collectible; it’s a symbol of collaborative artistry. It brings Elbo’s renowned glass art into a new, tangible medium. Furthermore, the figure’s detailed craftsmanship and vibrant design reflect the essence of Elbo Glass’s creative spirit.


Finally, the collaboration between Elbo’s Glass and F.E.L.T. showcases the limitless potential in art and design. The Stego Vinyl Figure stands as a testament to their collective creativity and innovation. Thus, it’s more than a mere product; it’s a representation of the unique fusion of glassblowing artistry and contemporary design.

For additional information and insights on Elbo’s Glass and F.E.L.T., explore resources like PotGuide​​, Talking Out Your Glass​​, and Smoke Spot Smoke Shop​​, which provide deeper knowledge about Elbo’s artistic journey and collaborative projects.

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